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Making digital twin technologies accessible to all

Connecting your data and knowledge to make better decisions

We are a team, based in Sheffield, aiming to make digital twin technologies more open and accessible to industry and business.

What is Mimick?

Mimick  is a flexible, online platform that makes it easy to combine models of assets or processes with both live and historic data.

Digital twins are a hugely powerful tool, with applications that range from improving process efficiency for manufacturers to planning the transport needs of a entire cities. 

There is no standard or easy way to create digital twins. The options that currently exist are either limited in scope, tied to specific software ecosystems, or expensive one-off projects. We want to change this.

What are digital twins?

Digital twins are live, digital coupling between some physical object or process and their virtual representation in order to achieve a goal of some kind

With Mimick, we are:

  • Making it easier to gain high quality insight by connecting models with real time data
  • Building a consistent, flexible platform to build digital twins across industry, consultancy, and research
  • Breaking down the walls between software ecosystems
  • Making digital twins simpler, cheaper, and more accessible

Why Mimick?

Flexible Framework

Flexible Framework

Flexible framework suitable for many industries

Expert Support

Tailored Support

Expert IoT, data management and usage support

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Integration with existing software for trusted analysis

Open Source

Open Source

Open source backend allowing for easy adaption & expansion

Online Platform

Online Platform

Online, easy to use front end

Modular Setup

Modular Setup

Modular set up, allowing your digital twin to grow with you

Meet the Mimick Team

David Wagg


Matt Bonney


Matt Tipuric

Commercialisation Lead

Sam Trotter

Technology Transfer Officer

Morgan Killick

Business Advisor

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